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  "Life Skills"


Learning how to budget and manage your money.

Understanding the importance of saving and investing.

Developing a plan to pay off debt and build wealth.


Reach  your personal goals.


Learning how to become Lender ready.

Understanding the importance of continuing education and personal development.


All while developing a plan for your future.


Knowing  the importance of continuing education is half the battle for personal development.


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Kickstart your homebuying experience with a step-by-step guide to envision your dream home, a hands-on resource, and daily personal accountability to see how ready you are. If you can remain focused for these 5 days, YOU ARE READY! 


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 "The Guide to learning the things we are not taught in school. True Life Lessons, creating your "Life Skills.""

Take control of your of how much you understand in your life.  

  • Credit.
  • Budget.
  • Protect your Identity.
  • Learn what a Lender does for you.
  • Learn what a Real Estate Agent does for you.
  • Understand what happens at the Title Company.
  • Learn how to read Real Estate Contracts in All States.
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Getting "You" Lender ready.

Credit Check, Budget, Protecting your Identity, and Helpful Apps to get you started.


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Who's who and what do they do?

The Lender, The Real Estate Agent, and Title Company.

Get to know each of them in depth.

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The contract is your offer for your future home. Understanding the sections that define your obligations, PRICELESS.

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The Closing Process

Putting the Closing Process into action. Looking at Myths and Mistakes along the way. Exploring possible hiccups and going over possible solutions. 

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Contracts to Closing

Where you are ready to find your home and write your contract with your Real Estate Agent. 

You have your Real Estate Agent in place, you know who your Lender is, and your Pre-Approval is in hand, and your Title Company may already have your deposit or will be getting it soon. 

This is where the Journey becomes real. Preparing yourself for the next steps is crucial to your experience. 

This course gives you the Lessons of how it all works simultaneously together.

Your Lender, your Title Company, and your Real Estate Agent. We call this, "The Wheels in motion"

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Where Would You Like To Begin?

Gaining a better Credit Score

Learn how to boost your Credit Score and Educate yourself on why this is so important in the Homebuying process.

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Calculating Your Budget

Get expert advice to help you boost your savings and calculate your Budget so your understand your Financial Limits.

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Investing in Yourself

As a Homeowner, uncover all of the special perks and benefits that come along with buying a home and see how you can benefit. 

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Who I am, a little bit of me ...

I'm Anna Scrima

After graduating from High School it was not very long that I started my Real Estate Career. I was given an opportunity in Title Insurance when I knew absolutely nothing about the industry. Not exactly the way I expected to start my new career but it was my starting point. But with smart decisions and a little hard work, I was able to educate myself and learned all aspects of the Closing Process. 

Fast forward 20+ years later, now I use my own personal struggle and success to help people just like you find Homeownership. I’ll show you how to prepare yourself, while saving money and educating you through the whole entire Journey.

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"We are dedicated to you"

- Anna

"We are passionate for your journey"

- Anna

"Getting you to the closing table educated is our goal"

- Anna

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